Tasting room experience

Provenance is the key to the multisensory experience of wine, and at Atlas Swift we aim to make this palpable with a horizontal tasting of five Chardonnays from different regions.
Each wine is a spiritual ode to Martin and Welma Smith's connection to the land and the fruit it produces, individual expressions of a particular place that celebrates the diversity of the South African wine realm.

The fruit hails from two cooler and two warmer wine regions and embodies the character of the land in the warrior woman depicted on the label. Each Warrior stands guard to protect this place and let it prosper. While you drink the wine, allow yourself to revel in the beauty of synaesthesia, connecting to each wine through personal reference captured in your sense of taste, colour, smell, texture, shape, and sound. Each wine is made the same way, yet a moment of awe comes to pass when one can see the distinct land it comes from and how it becomes tangible in the glass of wine.

Connecting with Ukranian born Artist Ana Kuni, Welma and Martin shared their perception of the land, and Kuni gave shape to this in the illustrations of five warrior women. Wine is a gift from mother earth, and as the warrior women who reign over their territories, guarding its sanctity and truth, they invite every person to immerse in their own experience thereof.


Video of Marvin in the tasting room.