Atlas Swift W.O. Robertson Chardonnay 2020

Atlas Swift W.O. Robertson Chardonnay 2020

                                                The Spirit Robertson

A brilliant light startles the landscape as if the sun just rose its head above the land, intensifying all colours that in turn is magnified in tiny droplets on the vines. The warrior woman has arrived. Surfacing from the cool night into the warm, balmy day, she creates this perfect picture brimming with suspense.

When she lifts her veil, whisking loose strands from her fascinator to one side, the portrait of a woman reveals a familiar face in the limelight. Her make-up is flawless, fine glitter dangling on the tips of her full lashes, rouge cheeks and cupid shaped lips.
Retreating under the allure of polished citrus, ripe lime, and plush nectarine, she leaves elegant whispers of lemon verbena and thyme behind that is reminiscent of class, sophistication, and elegance. She radiates confidence, skin as smooth as porcelain graced with feathers, roses and serenity that envelops her as she glides into the room. World-class Chardonnay has emerged from her womb, and everyone makes way to receive her.

Yet, if you have been here before, it still feels as if she invites you into the valley of vines and roses for the first time every time you pour a glass of its Chardonnay. 
The warrior woman is confident in who she thinks she is, and she has become that, juxtaposing the perception of expectation and astonishment. And as she leaves the room, heads turn, craving her essence in anticipation of her next visit.

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