Atlas Swift Wellington Chardonnay 2020

Atlas Swift - Wellington Chardonnay 2020

                                          The Spirit of Wellington

I believe in you, cried the land, and through pure determination, the warrior woman climbed to the top of this sloped landscape. From up here, she reigns over her territory and persuades others to fall in love with it.

Her gaze caresses every crevice of this dry land, turning it into an oasis of opportunity. She is blessed with a strong, sculpted and sun-kissed body, carrying a crown adorned with stones from her territory's decomposed granite and Glenrosa soils. A face, anointed with red clay.
The headpiece, too, shields her from the scorching sun, further ordained with wildflowers and stray feathers. Faint freckles on her skin tell the story of this arid land she dearly cherishes, so entwined it has imprinted her soul.

Warm Wellington air fills her lungs, and she stands invigorated by a place lesser known for emerging Chardonnay. As the sun sets, the glimmer of hope in her eyes becomes piercing.
She fiercely stands her ground, flooded with an aura of bold citrus, a cool medicinal note stirred by the heat, and vivid aromatics of tropical fruit that continues to linger. Unashamed of how far she has come, the Wellington warrior subtly grounds you, persuading you to reconnect to the earth. Albeit different from the rest, she holds her chin up high, forgetting what was and inviting what lies ahead.

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