Cape South Coast Chardonnay 2020

Cape South Coast - Chardonnay 2020

                                         The spirit of the Cape South Coast

Poised in the eye of the storm, the warrior woman remains unstirred, albeit engulfed by the wind and the ocean lashing at the shores. She is in love; her pink lips betray that, dusted with the salt of heartache past. Yet, her heart anchors her, granting her the insurance that she belongs.

With her face turned to the downpour, sheets of rain douse her in melancholy and salt- laden maritime air arrests her curls. Casting her eyes to the ground, she smiles as tiny salt crystals emit their last burst of shimmer before the rain dissolves them into the earth.
Untamed, she has found freedom of expression here, determined to pour her compelling sense of self into the earth and the vineyards giving birth to exceptional Chardonnay grapes reminiscent of a savoury, saline quality. Small vineyard clusters carry her blessing among these vast spaces, slowly maturing for optimal expression, and it revels in the depth of character she bestows on them.

Our regnant belief is that she guards this southern coast hamlet called Vermaaklikheid, nestled between Stillbaai and Jongensfontein. Yet, she also emerges from it, luring you in with an intriguing perfume of peach, elderflower, oyster shell. And, just as you thought she had disappeared into the abyss, beams of sunlight break through the clouds, catching the detail of seashells and river stone sewn into her cloak; completing her steadfast appearance as it trails behind her.

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