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A Family Dream Takes Flight

For Martin and Welma Smith, the journey began with two tonnes from four distinct terroirs of Chardonnay and Merlot. Working together after hours around their already established wine careers, the pair were inspired to tell the tale of artisanal Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon crafted from the Cape’s finest viticultural pockets.

Today, Atlas Swift is a dream realised, named for the enduring strength of Titan Atlas and the swift grace of a swallow—symbols of the resilience and agility required to realise one’s ambitions. This venture is a celebration of the rich mosaic of experiences Martin and Welma have intricately woven together, crafting wines that resonate with depth, precision, and a profound sense of place.


Terroir Transcendence

By sourcing grapes from different locations best suited to each variety, our wines are a celebration of terroir.

Incredible Tastes

World-Class Hospitality

With 47 years of combined industry expertise, the Smiths offer a welcoming blend of world-class wine and familial warmth.

Dedication in Every Detail

Our intensive, hands-on winemaking aims to achieve the finest varietal characteristics.


Journey Through The Cape

Our unique approach mirrors the revered Burgundy approach, focusing on dedicated vineyard blocks rather than entire estates. We have a steadfast commitment to specific rows within the finest vineyards across the Cape, allowing us to consistently secure the most exceptional fruit each season. From the maritime climate of the Cape South Coast and the cool climate of Franschhoek to the warmth of Wellington, the high altitude of Cederberg, and the limestone richness of Robertson, this approach empowers us to craft every vintage with elegance and seamless drinkability, ensuring our wines achieve their utmost potential.

Chardonnay, Five Ways

While our vineyards stretch across the Cape, we bring the best to you under one roof. In our welcoming Franschhoek winery and tasting space, our curated tastings include a horizontal tasting of five different Chardonnays from various regions. The fruit hails from two cooler and two warmer wine regions, and while each wine is made the same way, they each offer different facets of the same variety. Personalised tastings are offered with freshly prepared platters, expertly paired to elevate the experience of both.


Wine With Focus

At Atlas Swift, we understand you seek authentic wine, served in a genuine place, crafted by real people. As a small-lot producer of regionally expressive wines, we dedicate maximum effort in the vineyard and employ a light hand in the cellar. This approach allows us to create wines rich in character, steeped in tradition, and distinguished by their enduring length.

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A Tapestry of Satisfied Aficionados

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