Decanting white wine

Should wine be decanted, and in particular, white wine? 

The decanting of wine, is an act we do in order to give a wine oxygen.

When wine interacts with oxygen it brings out aromas and flavours that would have stayed hidden when poured directly from the bottle, making the wine more complex with multi layers of flavours. 

For red wine interaction with oxygen is normally a natural movement during the winemaking process. While wine age in oak barrels, the area exposed to oxygen on a continues bases softening the tannins and rounding off the wine. 

The same for a white wine that spend time maturing in oak barrels. 

Atlas Swift chardonnay spends a year in the barrel on the lees breathing thought the barrel and gaining complexity. 

Time in your glass and oxygen in a decanter can capture aromas that would have stayed hidden when pouring directly from the bottle. 

Try it next time.. Even a water jug can count as a decanter.